About Oceania Meat Processors

Oceania Meat Processors was opened in the New Zealand South Island town of Timaru in 2002. since then Oceania Meat processors have opened another processing site in Melbourne, Australia. Our original founder is still part of Oceania Meat Processors as well. Oceania Meat Processors specify in MDM, Offal Production as an ingredients producer for the wider pet food industry globally. We are committed to Quality, Traceability and customer satisfaction, meaning if you have a question we will give you the right answer.  We have strategically placed store and processing sites to ensure you, the customer can receive the product you want when you want at as low cost as possible.

All of our product is backed with individual analytical available on request to ensure that you are receiving exactly what has been requested. Oceania Meat Processors was co-founded in 2002 by Peter Cowan and Jim Workman. The mission of the company was to utilise the latest mechanically de-boning processing equipment in order to provide the pet food industry with high-quality MDM products.